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Coolant Fluid Exchange

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Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange in Newport News, VA

We provide local Volkswagen drivers with genuine coolant fluid exchange service needed for the best, long-lasting performance. Coolant fluid exchange services are performed by our team of certified technicians and original equipment coolant fluid/antifreeze. Getting your coolant fluid exchange at Casey Volkswagen includes a complimentary multi-point inspection that assists our customers with getting the most out of their vehicles by fixing minor instead of significant problems.

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Engine Cooling & Coolant Fluid Maintenance

The engine cooling system keeps the engine operating at the recommended temperature by circulating coolant fluid through the engine, collecting heat, and back to the radiator where the heat dissipates. Coolant fluid is also called antifreeze because it prevents water from freezing the engine. This makes the condition of the fluid important to prevent engine damage all year! Coolant fluid requires exchange service at the recommended miles or if it loses integrity from contamination or leaking. Drivers should know the coolant fluid maintenance recommended their Volkswagen requires by reviewing the owner's booklet.

Coolant Fluid Trouble Indicators

The biggest risks when it comes to coolant fluid/antifreeze are engine overheating and freezing, leading to catastrophic damage. It is always the best bet to get the engine cooling system and fluid inspected if you notice these trouble signs:

  • Dashboard engine cooling system light - wavy lines with a thermometer
  • Average engine temperature is hotter or lower
  • Coolant is leaking - puddled under the engine, usually toward the front
  • Heater does not work
  • Reduced fuel mileage
  • Sweet smell inside the cabin

Coolant Fluid Exchange Service Brief

Coolant fluid exchange services are completed by certified technicians with Volkswagen-approved coolant fluid/antifreeze. The service starts as the expert Volkswagen technician drains the old coolant. We perform a thorough engine cooling system inspection, including the water pump, drive belt, upper and lower hoses, fan, pressure cap, and radiator. If the system is in good condition with no further maintenance needed, we install fresh coolant fluid to the specified capacity.

Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

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Volkswagen drivers in Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Yorktown, and Rescue, NJ can schedule coolant fluid exchange service online and by phone. More customers are realizing how convenient, fast, and simple online service scheduling can be with appointments booked within 1-2 minutes with only the basic details necessary. Home/office pick-up and delivery is another amazing convenience that our customers set up when scheduling coolant fluid exchange service.

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